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Eldym is a world’s leading well drilling and oil & gas drilling contractor with a team of experts and we can provide exceptional service for your new and existing projects. Our service area is vast that covers African countries those are battle with water. We are mainly concentrating our services in Djibouti, Eritrea, Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, and Somalia. We have a full set of equipment and skilled drillers and our service is just a phone call away. Only a well-experienced agency can excavate the water and provide better water treatment. Before fixing the contract you must perceive about the agency whether they can provide better result, safety and prevent the pollution or not. Eldym gives all these facilities for you drilling project.

We believe that professionalism and artistry of our engineers are what drives our business. When jobs get challenging we apply the range of skills we have within the company to get the best outcomes for our customers. For enquiries about our Well drilling and Oil & Gas drilling services, please get in touch with us.

  • Drinking Water Drilling
  • Oil & Gas Drilling

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide high quality of services to all the customers by implementing Quality Management System and to give due attention to Safety Practices and Environmental Preservation and Protection within our business activities.

eldym water drilling

Drinking Water Drilling

Eldym has been drilling and installing water wells for many years. Our drillers are highly experienced and they are capable of providing a better water project for your home as well as in the industry whether it is new or old. We keep the quality, structure, and plan in throughout the projects. All our drillers are licensed and fully insured that makes you secured well-drilling service.

eldym oil and gas drilling

Oil & Gas Drilling

Eldym is a well-known oil & gas drilling company in UAE and Africa. We have all the latest equipment and technicians for oil and gas drilling which meets the demand of oil and gas industry. The innovations focused on the oil rig will improve your productivity and performance. Our equipment and technicians are the keys to success which leads quality service for oil and gas drilling customers.


Eldym provides professional water well drilling service in UAE and Africa. We have many years of experience and qualified professionals. Our service is well structured and brings desired outcomes.


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Every day, we seek to keep our values and ethics intact to serve our clients with services of utmost quality. Some of Eldym’s journeys cannot be summed up in a few words, it’s an experience, a feeling which takes you one step closer to your dreams.